The Phantasy Star Memorial Drama CD was released in 1995 by Softbank. It is 68 minutes and 15 seconds long in total length. The main story takes place three years prior to the events in Phantasy Star: At the End of the Millennium. It primarily focuses on Rudy and Nei and their adventure together. And, just to clarify: no, this is NOT the same Nei in Phantasy Star II; That Nei is known as Neisecond.

     There's only a couple things I'd like to point out about the CD and the series in general. First is regarding "newmans". I know most people prefer to spell it "numans" since this is what they are used to (and frankly, I used to prefer it, too), but from doing this project I have learned that the Japanese describe the Neiseries as being " 新人類" (pronounced shinjinrui), which literally means "new man", or "new breed of man". Also, "newman/numan" is written as ニューマン (nyuuman) in Japanese, and ニュー(nyuu) is how the Japanese pronounce the english word "new". So then the term "newman" is meant to describe a "new man". Because of this, I have decided to go with this spelling. Also noteworthy, I believe the initials NM from NM-2011 and NM-1153 stand for "newman", since the numbers function as a serial number for how many neiseries were created. This is purely my speculation, however. And I understand that everyone will have their own preferences since the continuity in the English-speaking community is definitely debatable. I just felt I should explain myself as to why I decided to go against the "numan" spelling that most of us probably find preferable.

      The translation work has been done by Diana Montoya, and the transcription up until around 43 minutes. The remaining 25 minutes were transcribed by Oliver, who was kind enough to e-mail me and offer to help out. He also went through the trouble of proof-reading the transcription done so far and corrected some details.

I will add more information and translation notes as they come up.

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