[Sounds of the wind blowing]

Fal: Rudy. Rudy!

Rudy: Ah... aungh...

Fal: Get a hold of yourself, Rudy.

Rudy: Where am I? Oh yeah, Thray knocked me out..

Fal: Are you okay, Rudy?

Rudy: How long was I asleep?

Fal: Only for a little bit.

Rudy: Oh, is that right. I feel like I just had some kind of really long dream.

Fal: Oh yeah! Rudy, you would start smiling, and then suddenly start crying.

Rudy: O.. oh, I did? Umm.. so then, does that mean that you were watching me the whole time?

Fal: Er.. um.. no, I mean... ah.... Hahahahaha! Gosh, now I'm embarrassed, Rudy, you dummy!

[Fal hits Rudy]

Rudy: Oww, what the hell.

[footsteps are heard approaching]

Thray: Oh, Rudy, you've come to, huh?

Rudy: Hey, Thray. How was it? Did you figure anything out?

Thray: Huh? [to himself] What's with this guy? Does he not remember anything?

Rudy: Thray, what's wrong?

Thray: Huh?

Rudy: Is there something on your mind?

Thray: Oh, no no no, nothing like that. It's just that, actually, I didn't really figure anything out, either.

Rudy: Hmmm, I see. I guess I feel kinda sad.

Thray: But don't you feel a little bit refreshed?

Rudy: Yea, it almost feels like some kind of weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thray: Oh yeah? Well that's goo--

Rudy: But at any rate, it looks like your powers ain't that big a deal, 'ey Thray? Other than the powers you inherited from Lutz, it seems like your powers don't do anything.

Thray: Wh.. what was that, Rudy?! Why you little!

Rudy: But it's the truth, ain't it? I mean, you said you didn't figure anything out.

[Thray grits his teeth]

Rudy: Nyah, nyah~!

Thray: You know, I did this whole thing with you in mind!

Rudy: Heeeey, you're a fraud. Fraud! Fraud! Hehehe.

Thray: F.. f... fraud?! You think I'm gunna just sit here and let you say that, why you.. you... SHORTY!

Rudy: Ahhhh! You know how much that bothers me!

Thray: How was that? Does it hurt? Does it piss you off? I'll say it over and over again. Shorty, shorty, shorty, shorty!!!

Rudy: Grrrr. It's that kinda stuff that makes you so immature! It's not like you're a kid anymore!

Thray: You're the kid!

Fal: Here they go again. Jeez.

Forren: The maintenance on the Landale is finished. Oh, they're at it again, are they?

Fal: Yeah, they are. Allright.... Rudy!

Rudy: Huh? Yes?

Fal: Let's go! The maintenance is done.

Rudy: Ah.

Fal: Come on, let's go!

Rudy: Okay, just wait a minute.

Fal: Nope, no way. Everytime I leave you alone, you and Thray get into a fight.

Rudy: Oh, really?

Fal: Yes. [under her breath] I wish you'd pay a little attention to me, sometimes...

Rudy: Huh, did you say something?

Fal: Dummy.

Thray: Did you know about it?

Forren: About what?

Thray: About what happened with Rudy and Nei 3 years ago.

Forren: Yes, what about it?

Thray: Jesus. You just go along hiding your thoughts from everyone.

Forren: No one asked me, so I didn't say anything about it. And besides, Fal has safely inherited Nei's will.

Thray: She has, huh.

Rudy: So you were staring at my face the whole time, huh?

Fal: What? It.. it doesn't matter! Not at all! Rudy, you meanie! Dummy! Go away, meanie!

[Rudy laughs over the last half of Fal's outbursts]

. . .

Nei's Voice: Rudy.... I kept our promise.

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